SHDA Mitral Valve Symposium 2020

SHDA Mitral Valve Symposium 2020

Symposium Details

Delayed due to Covid-19.

New date and details will be announced in the coming months.

All existing tickets will be transfered.

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  • Master the imaging of mitral regurgitation – Professor Greg Scalia


  • Anatomy
  • Imaging – echo guided management of primary and secondary regurgitation
  • Advanced surgical and transcatheter techniques  – current guidelines and new emerging evidence
  • Resynchronisation therapy
  • Challenges faced in decision making  – complexity, future planning, resource allocation


  • Primary mitral regurgitation – transcatheter or surgical – the choices to be made
  • Secondary mitral regurgitation – repair techniques, minimally invasive approches
  • Secondary mitral regurgitation with heart failure – the worlds collide
  • Mitral valve prosthesis dysfunction – watch that LVOT!
  • Severe Mitral Annular Calcification – should we still resect it all?

Follow the cases

The technical and clinical challenges faced with mitral valve pathology – choosing the correct intervention, patient selection and the imaging that is associated.

With each case, you will journey through:

  • Anatomy of the pathology, initial imaging, patient complexities
  • The Heart Team meeting
  • Traditional and the new emerging analysis – specific procedural imaging including CT vectors and flow analysis, 3D printing
  • Watch the intervention step-by-step

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