6-9th November 2016 – ANZSCTS Scientific Meeting 2016

6-9th November 2016 – ANZSCTS Scientific Meeting 2016

On behalf of our colleagues and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons (ANZSCTS) we extend a warm invitation to the 2016 ANZSCTS Annual Scientific Meeting held this year in Cairns, Queensland, from 6 to 9 November. The focus of this year’s meeting is set firmly on the exciting and challenging future ahead for our specialty. Many sessions will concentrate upon innovation, new technologies, and the future direction of cardiothoracic surgery. The reasons for this are self-evident: development of minimal access techniques combined with expanding percutaneous interventions has challenged the specialty to adapt, improve and re-invent. Surgeons look now to acquire skills previously considered the domain of interventional cardiologists, and retrain in “minimally invasive” approaches to the “traditional” operations such as valve replacement and repair. The pressure upon the specialty to “modernise” and adapt whilst maintaining excellent patient outcomes has never been greater.

This meeting has invited international surgeons who are leaders in their areas of expertise. They are known for their enthusiasm to meet challenges, embrace new technologies and encourage research and innovation. We again incorporate a Techno-Practicum College, an Advanced Trainees Wet Lab, and a cardiothoracic Nurses Education Day within the meeting program. Abstracts of scientific presentations are invited for consideration to be included. There will be topics to pique the interest of all – from those at the beginning of their training in our specialty to those with a wealth of experience.

A major feature of the meeting is an inclusive trade and technical exhibition providing delegates with information around technological advances and innovation. The role of industry in the development of new technologies is crucial to the ongoing modernisation of our specialty, and we encourage you to explore the exhibition.

Apply by sending your CV and application letter to info@shda.org.au

Suitable to Junior Doctors wanting to become surgeons.



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