Symposium Details

Date: Saturday 13th April 2024

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm



Venue: Kerry Packer Education Centre – (map link below)

Johns Hopkins Dr, Camperdown NSW 2050 

Paid parking next to St Johns College Sydney University


9.30 breakfast

chair – Greg Scalia

10.00 Intro – chair Greg Scalia

10.05 What is interventional echocardiography? Training guidelines for this new imaging specialty Stephen Little

10:25 Anatomy of Aortic stenosis Fiona Schnitzler

10:40 Aortic Stenosis- How do we optimally  manage Greg Scalia

10:55 Imaging guidelines for Aortic stenosis / patient selection for TAVI and echo tips to ensure severe Stenosis Stephen Little

11.10 What 5 extra pictures could physiologist obtain for every moderate valve pathology TBC

11:25 TAVI planning – CT is standard now Andrew Roy

11:40 TAVI – do we need contrast? David Muller

11:50 TAVI and remodelling – how do we image that? Tom Meredith

12:05 Need for PPM post TAVI – immediate or later – is leadless the key TBC

12:30 LUNCH

Chair : Julie Humphries

13:15 Chat GPT – personalise medicine and guidelines – there is an App for that Hao Tran

13:30 Mechanics of the mitral valve: theoretical and applied Hugh Paterson

13:50 Patient selection and guidance for TV-TEER or TMVR Stephen Little

14:05 Smorgasboard of TMVR Greg Scalia

14:20 Valve in valve guidelines and imaging – pre plan initial valve David Roy

14:35 Mitral clips and open heart – The Canine perspective Laurencie Brunei / Karina Graham

14:50 tea break

Chair : Andrew Roy

15:10 TTVI imaging Mayo Namasivayam

15:30 TTVI  case David Muller

15:40 Tricuspid valve in valve – case Greg Scalia

15:50 State of the art LAAO Julie Humphries

END 16:15


Key learning outcomes of the symposium will include:

  • Clinical application of current structural imaging guidelines
  • The anatomy, physiology, pathology and targeted treatment of Aortic, Mitral, Tricuspid pathology with relevance to valve implants
  • TAVI, TMVI, TTVI cases
  • Using chat GPT and optimise current guidelines for patient specific treatment approach
  • STEP by STEP – Aortic, Mitral and Tricuspid imaging guidelines for valve implants.
  • General Medicine – shared care approach for Heart failure from Structural lesions
  • Humans are not the only species receiving devices – The Canine perspective