Symposium Details

This symposium will focus on failure of this right sided valve. Topics will include it’s structure, advanced disease, optimal management, patient selection in current inteventions. How to support the failing right ventricle and state of the art management strategies; pharmacological, surgical and device related.  Advanced imaging and patient selection for intevention.

Basic Info

Date: Saturday 29th April, 2023

Workshop: 8.30am – 10.00am

Main Symposium: 10.30 am – 4.00pm

Venue: Sydney University  

CME/CPD Points

RACS, RACP, ASAR, ANZCA, AHPRA – 1 point per hour for the main symposium, full attendance required

Draft Program  – Chair – dr peter hansen

8:30AM Workshops
  • Computer Lab 1 – Advanced Echo – Tricuspid interventions  Prof Greg Scalia
10:05AM Morning Tea   –   1PM Lunch 
                   Meet the Speakers – online for streaming and livE in sydney  –
Learning outcomes will include
  • Anatomy and pathology of the tricuspid valve 
  • TR epidemiology, natural history, prognosis and risk scores
  • Aetiology, class and pathophysiology aSTR v vSTR
  • Imaging the Tricuspid valve – TTE TOE
  • Quantification of Tricuspid regurgitation
  • Right Heart Catheterisation for tricuspid regurgitation
  • Heart failure optimisation – Medical treatment, CRT, rhythm control, new drugs- optimisation
  • CIED – Imaging, Mechanism, prevalence, Tx options
  • Indications for TV surgery – repair /replacement – outcomes
  • Robotic surgery in TR
  • Cut off for TR surgery as a secondary lesion
  • Imaging in the OT
  • Anaesthetic considerations for patients with TR – PHTn, RV dys, pathology, which patients to scan cardiac / geriatric
  • Patient selection timeline 
  • Patient work up – clinical, imaging  selection criteria idea Tri clip pt, include timing of intervention, symptoms , recurrent HF, max tolerated GDMT, pre clip Tx
  • TTE and TOE screening – guide and what to look for – use of an image selection sheet
  • Proceedural imaging goals optimisation – 3D MPR
  • Current outcomes of Triclip
  • Follow up – medical adjustments and imaging – med tx adj, frequency, imaging, recurrent HF, options
  • LIVE CASEs  (in a box) –  – Tricuspid valve clip

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