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In 1958, Miles “Lowell” Edwards set out to build an artificial heart. But like so many other great inventors, Edwards and his trusted partner, Dr. Albert Starr, discovered a different, lifesaving possibility: the world’s first commercially available artificial heart valve. With that, our company and patient-focused culture were born. Since then, we have continuously developed the world’s leading technologies for structural heart and critical care medicine- revolutionizingtreatments for patients with heart valve disease, pioneering the practice of hemodynamic monitoring, and transforming less-invasive heart valve replacement. This culture of innovation and commitment to help more patients is what drives us. And as we turn toward the next 60 years, we continue to rely on our technology, our collaborators and our intrinsic certainty that there is always a better way. We’re proud to partner with clinicians on solutions that save and enhance the lives of patients and their families. Together, we’re transforming futures.

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